María Martín, film, television and theater actress, has worked in Spain Europe, and the United States, where she recently performed in the bilingual musical- later a film-“The Mouth Project” with Red Earth
Theater. Directors such as Fernando Colomo, Pepe Ganga, Jacques Benoit, Luciano di Mele , Eva Lesmes  or Kate Hawkes have chosen
her for roles due to her versatility in different registers and her interpretative capacity.

She was an outstanding student under mime Marcel Marceau, joining his company in Montepulciano, Italy.  María studied with voice therapist Miguel Cuevas, and was awarded a scholarship by the Hispano-Americano Institute to study with Uta Hagen in New York.

Apart from living in US, María has lived in Paris, where she studied Dramatic Art and worked on theater projects with the Comedie Franciase, and in London, where she received her degree in English Literature.